-Belly Tank Car-

CEN-PEN Speed Shop is the builder of the finest replica Bellytank Car available. Since 1999 we have been producing fiberglass replica bodies for belly tanks and now for 2010 we will be debuting a chrome moly chassis for them. Our green and black car is probably the second most visible tank car around, only to be surpassed by the red and white So-Cal car. Our tank car has been in front of thousands of people at hotrod shows and Bonneville. The following photo is from Bonneville 2007 where we took it for a static display.

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Body Kits

Available hand laid fiberglass race weight thickness
Includes top and bottom halves, head fairing and exhaust pods

Normally $1995.00 on sale now for just $1495.00
(Customer responsible for shipping costs and or may be picked up at our shop)

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For more info on Belly Tank Kits please email us at worm@cenpen.com

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